Friday, March 29, 2013



Written by Tony Briggs and Keith Thompson
Directed by Wayne Blair
Actors: Chris O'Dowd, Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbins, Miranda Tapsell.

I have been bitching lately about the movies that have been coming out the past few months. I am tired of the mediocrity and movies that just seem to be the same old, ordinary field of sameness. I am not asking for something earth shaking all the time, I would actually just like a movie that is fresh even if it is full of cliches. "The Sapphires" has answered my complaints with a movie that is cliched but at least is alive and different in some ways. I am not asking for the sun, moon and the earth here. I just want to have fun and be entertained and this was the first time I had fun in months and months at the movies.

"The Sapphires" is that cliched story of a group of men or women who can really sing and who get recruited by a manager to tour in some desired location. There is the usual scramble for who will be the lead singer and the back up singer who gets discovered and picked to be the lead because she has the better voice. There will be the usual fights and threats to break up with all the petty rivalries and jealousies. You might think you have seen this story before but I bet you haven't seen it set in the 60's with a group of Aborigine women touring Vietnam with a booze soaked Australian manager. This is why "The Sapphires" is a fresh take on this story in a different location with different type of women.

There are other reasons too why this worked on me and it is the usual and dependable qualities of great performances, a great soundtrack and just a fun delivery. Chris O'Dowd was already a star to me playing the sweet cop who falls in love with Kristen Wiig in "Bridesmaids". His performance there and character was one of the reasons that movie catapaulted to the top as my best movie of 2011. He was charming there and funny as he is in "The Sapphires" which is a movie that should become a crowd pleasing, word of mouth hit. He completely owns the screen as Dave who manages a foursome of Aborigine women, sisters and cousins in one family. Dave runs a talent show and accompanies the women in a country song playing the piano. He likes what he hears and convinces the girls to stop singing country and start singing Soul music. O'Dowd is amazing here in a captivating, charming, funny and yes cool and sexy performance.

The group of women are all cute in their own way and one of the singers, Gail, will fall in love with Dave. I didn't mind that love story that we can see coming because the actress who plays Gail, Deborah Mailman, gives such a subtly powerhouse performance. She is really strong here and the chemistry with O'Dowd strangely works. You also have a different type of location work here with the movie being filmed in Vietnam and taking place right when the war is starting. There is also a killer soundtrack of great R & B and Soul music and the girls all sound fantastic especially the lead singer Julie played well by Jessica Mauboy.

"The Sapphires" goes by fast, is fun and will having you tapping your toes and enjoying a wonderful soundtrack of great songs, some you have never heard in this type of movie. Deborah Mailman is a revelation and Chris O'Dowd, who you will see a lot of soon, gives a star making performance and he absolutely should become a star. He has screen presence, coolness, charm, an off beat sexy quality and he is funny and never wavers in his natural charm. This is a very fun movie and I liked it a lot while it also reminded me of another sleeper hit movie that resembles this, "The Commitments". I love that movie a lot more becuase it was the most fun I have had at a movie in my life but "The Sapphires" would be a great fit with Alan Parker's classic in a toe tapping, killer double feature.

Thursday, March 28, 2013



Written by Karen Croner based on the novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz
Directed by Paul Weitz
Actors: Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Lily Tomlin, Nat Wolff, Wallace Shawn

Sometime an actor can elevate a movie whose story is weak and just too implausible. There have been many times I am not just getting a movie and I become frustrated but one actor in the film keeps me interested despite the movie failing. Tina Fey has become an iconic comedic actress from "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock". Sometimes an actress doesn't make that leap successfully from the TV screen to the movie screen. I think Tina Fey has what it takes because so far I think she has picked good projects that can showcase her gifts. I liked her in "Date Night" and liked the movie, I also liked her in "Baby Mama" and liked the movie. You can now add her to the list occupied by Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Kristen Wiig and Adam Sandler of "SNL" talents who are successful in motion pictures. Like that list Tina Fey can be in a really patience testing movie like "Admission" and make it bearable, even better than it should be.

"Admission" has Tina Fey playing Portia Nathan who is a Princeton Admissions Officer and she is very good at picking out promising students for this prestigious school. I don't know if I believed that Fey could be convincing as this type of character at first but in the end I forgot about that. She is called by small high school director John Pressman to visit his school to check out a promising student. This student has a terrible grade point average but he has very high scores in the SATs and admission exams. The plot will expose who this student really is and if you have seen the trailers you know what that is. The movie will turn into a romantic comedy as Portia and John will become attracted to each other.

The plot of "Admission" can be very safe and implausible in many spots, enough to make me cringe sometimes. As Portia gets deeper into finding out about this special kid and trying to get him into Princeton there were times when the things she does and what happens in the process ring false. Then in the final 15 minutes there is a move that this charcater pulls that just made me shake my head. First it could never have been realistically pulled off and it just is plain wrong, no one would do what she does. Besides all those problems I couldn't keep my eyes off of Fey. This is a performance that is quick, smart, funny and charming. Then Fey is required to execute some dramatic scenes and she proves she can even be a great dramatic actress. She can do anything and I just loved watching her and then seeing how the screenplay and story couldn't catch up to her.

She is above this material but also she can keep you interested throughout even when the movie makes you want to walk out on it. There is also the factor that I have a huge man crush on her co star Paul Rudd who is very good here too and works very well with Fey, their chemistry is very good. Rudd has the less showy role than Fey and less emotions to play so I can't say he does what Fey does here. Though he gives another likeable, winner of a performance and seeing two of my favorites in a romantic comedy together is a bonus even though the romance part is weakly written also.

This is the type of movie where the actors rise above the material making a weak movie seem like it is really working on you. I love watching Fey and I also got the extra bonus of seeing Fey play off of one of my absolutely favorite comedianes in Lily Tomlin. Tomlin is a comedy idol to me and even the weak material she is given here is made more tolerable by her gifts also. I remember seeing "9 to 5" in theaters about 10 times when I was a kid becuase I wanted to see Tomlin again and again, her performance in that movie is an under rated, genius performance of an iconic pro feminist character (one of the strongest in movies). So Fey and Tomlin together, Fey's winning performance and her chemistry with Rudd make this a movie to watch on DVD. The movie fails them so a visit to a theater is not reccomended but to see Fey knock it out of the park and work her magic it should be checked out at home.

Friday, March 22, 2013



Written and Directed by Harmony Korine
Actors: Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, James Franco.

The movies I have seen in the past few months all seem to be made by a programmed robot or by comittee. Every single movie I have seen in the last few months are safe, familiar and there seems to be zero imagination in the writing or directing. I think this has been happening for years and I just want to go back to the late 70's and early 80's when I feel more eccentric movies that took chances came out. Movies with low budgets and "B" movies or genre films that were not afraid to go out on a limb and present dark material. That is why "Spring Breakers" is by far the best movie of the year so far because it is the only movie that feels different and braver than any movie that has come out since last December.

That is not to say that "Spring Breakers" will be loved by all, in fact I can see a lot of people walking out on it and hating it. That is what I love about the movies, there are movies that can excite certain people that not everyone in the World will like. I always feel guilty sometimes giving a movie a bad review because who knows, someone out there might like it and call it their own (unless the movie is just beyone bad). "Spring Breakers" is a fever dream of a movie that meanders, is stupid in spots and just is plain nuts most of the time. Though it is a movie like no other that feels like it has a voice and a personal touch that is missing from most movies these days. Harmony Korine has made many movies that have been polarizing and have been called self indulgent. Harmony Korine's style might be hated by some but at least he has guts and doesn't follow the status quo. There are no longer that many auteurs these days in the movies that put their own personal stamp on a movie like Korine does.

"Spring Breakers" might be labeled the movie where sweet, Disney stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens go wild and star in their first racy, adult movie. I have never watched them in anything else before and I really don't care if this is the movie that will shock their fans. I call it a fever dream of a movie because music plays a big part in this movie and the whole movie seems like it is a strange, dark dream or a twisted music video. Faith, Candy, Brit and Cotty are four young girls who want to go down to spring break so badly but they don't have enough money. Faith is a very good girl who we see going to a religious meeting but the rest of the girls will hold up a restaurant and it's customers and steal money to pay for their trip. The girls go down to the beach where myriads of drunk young men and women will go wild. The girls will get involved with a wannabe "Gangsta" rapper and thug named Alien played by James Franco. The movie then will double back into violence as the girls get in deeper with Alien.

Harmony Korine does such a great job at capturing the lunacy and realism of a spring break on the beaches of Florida. In fact it was so real that it brought back memories of my spring break trip to Florida that was so creepy, slimy, ugly and icky. I hated my spring break and I was amused at how much fun everybody seems to be having here of course until the next morning arrives. "Spring Breakers" has gotten some flack for it's extreme nudity even though the four main actresses are hardly naked at all. That is funny because a spring break movie without nudity would just be laughable. Also you know this movie is not to be taken too seriously when the lead characters spend the whole movie in bikinis even when they are taken to jail and taking part in the final bloodbath as they shoot some bad ass drug dealers with machine guns.

As you are reading this you probably can tell if if this your kind of movie. I am really into dark movies and cult movies are my favorite type of movie and this could become a cult classic. I also think that James Franco is hilarious, perfect and flawlessly slimy as Alien. This is my favorite James Franco performance so far because this is a fearless performance and Franco will be unrecognizable to those who don't know he is in this movie. He dissapears into his character making us cringe and making us become very uncomfortable. I was also very impressed by Selena Gomez's performance as Faith, this is a deep character in a movie full of more shallow characters and she is efffective here. Ashley Benson is also very appealing here as Brit and Vanessa Hudgens, while not as good as Gomez, is effective as her and Benson will take part in the most violent section of the movie.

I really couldn't figure out what I felt about this movie while watching this and this was a tough review to write. Though it did remind me of one of my favorite movies from the 80's "Foxes" with Jodie Foster. I saw that movie on cable when I was 12 and I was shocked, affected and stirred up by this dark movie and while "Spring Breakers" is not as deep as that teenage classic I could see it affecting a younger student of film. This is how you make a movie that isn't afraid to be too dark, violent, raunchy and out there. How many movies can you name that have women in their early 20's shooting up a bunch of drug dealers with machine guns in their bikinis? Isn't it refreshing that there are artists out there that make original and weird movies when week after week we get the same lame action movies, dumb romantic comedies and 3D fantasies that all look the same? Harmony Korine has made the first movie in decades that could become a cult classic.

Friday, March 15, 2013



Written by Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley
Directed by Don SCardino
Actors: Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, Jim Carrey, Alan Arkin, James Gandolfini.

There is a sweet side to Steve Carell and the characters he plays, even in his Michael Scott character on "The Office". That has transitioned into his movie career as he has picked some good movies that show his dramatic and sweet side well. You always like his characters and when his characters are cold (Hope Springs) or mean spirited like in this new movie it doesn't fit him well. "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" just fails to give Carell any chance to show off his skills. It is a character we hate so much for the first half of the movie so that when they try to make the character sypathetic with bad melodrama in the end I didn't care or buy it.
Now if the movie was fresh or funny I wouldn't care if Burt was a prick but I didn't laugh at all during this tame comedy.

I expected more Will Ferrell type nastiness but instead here I get groan worthy jokes and boring story developments wasting a great cast. Also when you have the great Steve Buscemi joining Carell as a partner and you don't use Buscemi's off kilter comedy skills you are not paying attention. Carell plays Burt Wonderstone whose lifetime buddy joins him in adulthood as a famous Magic act. Burt grew up admiring an old time magician played by Alan Arkin and Burt was a sweet kid but now he is a dick that treats his friends and others like dirt. This is a character that Carell doesn't and shouldn't play, a jerk who is arrogant beyond belief. I know this is an exaggerated comic character but when Carell plays characters that can be mean to others they usually are really clueless and actually have a sweet side. When the movie tries to turn Burt into a lovable, sweet person the movie becomes a real sham.

This story falls into my "Full House" rule where a movie is mean spirited in the first half but in the second half the movie turns sappy. If you want to make an edgy comedy that parodies magicians and reality programs you have to remain sharp and even nasty. This is such a safe movie and that surprises me because Jim Carey plays a David Blaine type, arrogant magician whose magic acts have shock value. When Carey is on screen the movie does get a little edgy but then it pulls back. Carey is at least more interesting than the others but Carey comes off as weird, not funny weird. The movie also wastes the talents of Arkin and even Olivia Wilde (TV's House) who has a comedy career ahead of her a la Emily Blunt.

I didn't laugh at all really during this safe and sometimes clumsy comedy until a joke in the end credits but I really wanted to laugh but it never came. Actually my favorite comedic performance here belongs to James Gandolfini as Burt's agent and Steve Buscemi can make any bad movie better. The problem is that I would rather see a really vulgar, gross and black comedy about the Jim Carey character. That would be a funnier and more cutting edge comedy instead of the dull, unfunny and messy bore that this movie is. Steve Carell has a lot of movies coming out this year and he gets a lot of screenplays thrown at him. I just urge him to play characters that are in his wheelhouse, not jerks that are shallowly written like Burt.

Thursday, March 14, 2013



Written by Mitchell Kapner and Daid Lindsay-Abaire
Directed by Sam Raimi
Actors: James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis, Joey King, Zach Braff, Bill Cobbs, Tony Cox.

I give up when it comes to 3D and the lastest fantasy films geared towards kids and families. You have worn me down folks and I am really getting sad here. Despite a very few, the big Hollywood blockbuster fantasy movies these last few years are getting noisier, over stuffed and devoid of real imagination. This is exemplified in the very dissapointing "Oz, the Great and Powerful", another misguided attempt to cash in on the over rated classic "The Wizard Of Oz". Even though I am not a fan of the original, it is too creepy and I can't stand any of the thinly written and obvious characters, I still hoped that director Sam Raimi would make it fresh. This is a step up from the dreadful sequel "Return To Oz" but it still dissapoints with sound and fury that signifies nothing.

That is a shame because this movie had a chance to surprise me because it is a breathtaking movie visually but my rule is, if you have the visuals your story better move me and transport me to another world also. The visual effects are stunning and I love looking at the movie to a certain point but the 3D effects are not needed. They were not needed when I was younger and was blown away by "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" so why do we need them now? I think 3D is a curse because film makers, even Raimi who I love, are too busy trying to make things pop out at us that the story suffers. I wish these movies would take a chill pill and this is no exception, you are giving me a headache with explosions and projectiles and these 5 endings that accompany these movies also, no exception here.

I do like explosions and action and great visuals like I did last week with "Jack the Giant Slayer" because that movie was sweet, calm and somewhat fun and at least had heart. I found no heart what so ever here in any of the characters or the story. Let me count the ways this movie dissapointed me. First, James Franco, as feared, is woefully miscast as Oscar who will become the Wizard. Franco looks like he is either drunk, high or still hosting the Oscars. Then you have the witches played by two of my favorite actresses and the two most beautiful women in the movies. The smart and amazing Michelle Williams plays a character that is beneath her talents. Her Glinda is dull, too simple and not well written at all, she is portrayed as too much of a ditz. Mila Kunis as Theodora, who will become the Wicked Witch, is wasted also. We don't see much of her, we see the boring Rachel Weisz character who is the sister of Theodora more so. Also when Kunis transforms into the Wicked Witch the make up looks terrible and it is too late, the movie is minutes from being over.

The movie is stolen by a thirteen year old actress named Joey King who plays this really cool looking China Doll and that character was fun, funny and awesome to see come to life. So that smart young actress and some cool visals is all I got out of this movie. There is an annoying talking monkey voiced by Zach Braff, oh and that monkey is ugly and creepy. Then after the dull beginning we get the last 45 minutes of a sound and light show full of chaotic action that made me want to scream and run out of the theatre. Here I am going back to the problem here with these fantasy movies and surprisingly this one. We get a lot of explosions and messy action and I didn't care what happens because I didn't like or care about anyone in this movie except for a charming china doll.

I am shocked that Sam Raimi, who I love and who made great and twisted movies like "Darkman", "Drag Me To Hell" and made us care with his "Spiderman" franchise, copped out here and sold out. "Oz" is not creepy like the original, it isn't fun, interesting or awe inspiring. I would have least thought that Raimi wouldn't have gotten soft like he does here and would have added some twisted humor besides a drunk Oscar character and an annoying monkey. What is wrong with movies like "Oz" these days when decades ago movies like "Star Wars", "Ladyhawke" and even "The Last Starfighter" told sweet stories with characters we cared about and gave us visuals without throwing stuff at us at a rapid pace, giving us 3D and not letting us breathe. "Oz" wore me out in a bad way and when you have "Harry Potter" recently wowing us you better step up your game Hollywood.

P.S. When I write that 3D should be stifled I do however think movies like "Avatar" and "Life Of Pi" and only movies like that should be allowed to use it. Also I am not a fan of the original and I do think kids will like this movie but I hope better movies are coming for them.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Written by Wentworth Miller
Directed by Chan-wook Park
Actors: Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman, Jackie Weaver.

It seems so lovely to sit down and have dinner with the Stoker family, daughter India, her mother and Uncle Charles. There are a couple of dinner scenes in Chan-wook Park's "Stoker" which is a creepy, methodical and pristine horror thriller. Park is directing his first American film coming off his bloody South Korean revenge thrillers starting with the popular "Oldboy". You have to like Park's style of filming which is very careful and film school like and if you don't you will be frustrated. "Stoker" is less bloody and more in control than "Oldboy" but you can still see his careful camera movements and wide screen, time consuming shots. If you haven't seen "Oldboy" it won't matter and if you like horror thrillers that don't try to hard to scare you but make you feel uneasy climb on board!

Yes this is a very artsy movie but I have seen so many lame horror movies the past few years and other crap this year that "Stroker" is just what I needed, a breath of fresh air. "The Regular Moviegoer" lets a complicated movie work out it's deliberate style and "Stoker" might not make everyone happy but I appreciated it. The movie tells the eerie story of young India Stoker, her cold mother and the uncle she had no clue about. Uncle Charles shows up when India's father (Dermot Mulroney) dies in a mysterious car accident. Uncle Charles is a cool customer, mysterious, different and a tad strange. India is a very guarded and reclusive girl who gets picked on in school. The story unfolds like a mystery novel with Hitchcock style twists and I did kind of guess the big surprise in the story but I still had fun with this movie's style and quirky creepiness.

"Stoker" reminds me of a Hitchcock movie without ripping off the master's style too much. I do love Park's framing and camera movements but I bet you want to really know if "Stoker" is scary. I don't think it is meant to be but it will give you the creepy jeebies. The movie is never boring even when it plods slowly to it's big reveal and then some fun, nasty stuff in the end spills out. The performances here are fine including Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland, The Kids Are Alright) as India. I am loving Warsikowska's style of acting and her natural beauty (without much make up) and the fact that she delves into her character without vanity and also comes off as very natural. The movie really belongs to Matthew Goode as Uncle Charles and I love Goode. He was so great in one of my favorite movies of the past few years "Lookout". He is so evil and deliciously creepy here, this is an actor that can play anything and you will hear his name a lot soon (Oscars) and I hope you do.

Nicole Kidman as the mother and Oscar nominated actress Jackie Weaver as an aunt that visits don't register as much but their characters are not really the big focus here. It is refreshing to see big time actresses defer to smaller roles to enhance a very good film maker's movie. "Stoker" will get under your skin and you will absolutely love Matthew Goode's performance. It is a very creepy, beautifully shot movie and if you like your scary movies unsettling without having too much gore or cheap thrills this movie will be rewarding. I just would love to see it again another time just to focus on Park's shot selection. This is a filmmaker to watch out for!

Friday, March 1, 2013



Written by Darren Lemke, Christopher McQuarrie and Dan Studney
Directed by Bryan Singer
Actors: Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, Eleanor Tomlinson, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, Ian McShane, Eddie Marsan.

I don't feel like the majority at the movies these days when I slam all these kid's movies and fantasy films. Though I am tired of seeing movies aimed towards families and kids that feel like they need to throw things at us in 3D every couple of minutes. I am tired of noisy, busy and headache inducing movies that try to over please us. I like children's movies with stories that take their time, establish characters and mood and can be thrilling without hammering us on the head with "Look at me!, I am super exciting and fast and colorful!" An effective fantasy movie knows if it is really good it doesn't need to be like a used car salesman. "Jack the Giant Slayer" has big battles and a lot going on visually but it is also a quiet and charming story with a dash of good natured humor thrown in.

"Jack" is sweet, charming and fun and most of that goes to Bryan Singer's sure touch and confidence in directing a movie like this with self control. While the story and characters charm us the visual effects are also awesome and the final battle a delight. I also love this cast who all do a bang up job of infusing their fable characters with depth and grace. This starts with Nicholas Hoult as Jack (all grown up from "About a Boy")who is likeable and winning as the movie's hero. Jack tries to win the hand and heart of the Princess while also fighting off a nefarious romantic rival and a band of Giants. The Princess is played by a fetching newcomer in Eleanor Tomlinson. You also get a funny, hammy but controlled Stanley Tucci as that rival and a charming and quietly funny Ewan McGregor as Jack's sidekick. Stir in great character actors like Ian McShane and Bill Nighy and you have a killer cast that are all very good.

The movie does have big battles and eye popping visuals in 3D but I loved how this movie starts out with a young Jack and a young princess being told stories by a parent about giants and warriors. That is a sweet beginning and I also love the light charm of this movie. That charm helps me with some segments of this movie that are too chaotic and dull. Though the good stuff outweighs these moments and in the end I knew I loved these characters and the visuals and a final battle that was well directed, more than most battle scenes of this type of movie. You have a very likeable hero, a beautiful princess and some creative visuals with the giants. I loved this movie's light sense of humor that blows away humor in movies like "Brave". I also liked this more than the over rated "Lord of the Rings" movies because unlike those this movie doesn't have 100 endings. "Jack the Giant Slayer" is fun, visually clever (love the pigs in the blanket scene) and a charming winner.


'SNITCH' (PG-13) (3 STARS)

Written by Ric Roman-Waugh and Justin Haythe
Directed by Ric Roman-Waugh
Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon, John Bernthal, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Bratt, Rafi Gavron, Melina Kanakredes, Harold Perinneau, Nadine Velasquez.

In the mid 70's my parents took me to a violent and fascinating exploitation movie called "White Line Fever" which was actually PG rated and pushed our buttons. I remember clearly watching the hero's friend getting killed and my family feeling shock and emotion. That little, what we call "B" movie, starred Jan Michael Vincent and it worked because while being a little cheaply made and improbable it still worked well with good action and characters we like. After seeing Dwayne Johnson's "Snitch" I was reminded of that 70's "B movie" classic because the story is improbable with plot holes like that movie and not brain surgery but I liked it a lot and it affected me.

You don't have to be so smart when you write a movie like this but you have to have an engaging lead, taut action and good drama with characters we care about. Dwayne Johnson is in his best movie since "The Rundown" and the best performance of his career so far in movies. Please non Regular Moviegoers do not snicker at me you elitists, Dwayne Johnson can act. I am a little tired of the stigma that goes with pro wrestlers and that wredtling is dumb they are stupid and can't act. It takes a lot of charisma, mike skills and control to do that job in the ring. Dwayne Johnson is very likeable here as John Matthews, a father who has found out his son has made a stupid mistake and accepted a huge drug package in the mail by his dealer friend. The boy is put in jail and faces 10 years in prison unless he snitches on other friends who have used drugs. He won't but his father will as he tracks down, with the help of one of his employees who is an ex con, a major drug dealer and even someone more powerful.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson holds his own against seasoned pros who are also very good here in Susan Sarandon as a prosecutor, Barry Pepper as an undercover cop and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) as a drug dealer. Johnson has always been a very likeable screen presence and a natural action star. He is more successful then other wrestlers into acting (John Cena) because he has the most natural and graceful charm of any action star out there. This is his first full drama and he can handle emotional scenes and action with equal aplomb. The movie is compelling, well acted, effective as drama and an intense action movie. It reminds me of the old movies of the 70's that were crisp, clean, no nonsense and surprised us with characters we rooted for. Like "Snitch" those movies were laughed at but sometimes they got the job done better than the prestige pictures. I also will take "Snitch" over a major criminal act like "A Good Day To Die Hard" anyday!

P.S. Two more things, Susan Sarandon still looks beautiful and very hot as much as she was in 1984 when I had a major crush on her. Second, "Snitch" is a perfect movie for my blog, I am happy that I write a blog that champions the underdog and gives a movie like "Snitch" a fair chance while critics pile on it before they have even seen a single frame.